Hello Cigar Kingdom!

In a world full of testosterone, whiskey, scotch, bourbon and cigars, there exists a wild animal lurking in the midst of the tobacco jungle.  Peering out between the leaves and carefully observing the male of the species, these stealth and gorgeous creatures have been slowly and steadily emerging and partaking of drink and cigars. The new cigar afi”she”onado has arrived and is increasingly involved in the world of creation, marketing, selling and most importantly, the full enjoyment of the art of cigar smoking.

When traditionally thinking of the female who smokes cigars, the focus has been more on the models and visually “hot” women who help promote and cater to the large male market that has always existed. The sizzling and scantily clad ladies striking sultry poses with phallic cigars In their hands or between their lips, have been a staple in the cigar industry, and more than likely will remain so as far as the future can be told. There is a certain comfort in the “man-world” of cigars with all its simplicity and no-nonsense sexism.  There’s nothing wrong with that perspective and expectation as it is steeped in cigar smoking tradition and anyone who loves cigars had better come to terms with it.  However, time continues forward and with it the rise of strong and confident female cigar smokers.

Nothing needs to change men! Nor are women asking for change either!  The female cigar smoker simply wants what you want; the ability to live life simply in the moments that we are able to imbibe in a well-earned drink and a full-bodied cigar or two. Maybe we even want to ogle our own brand of sexism with buff and bare chested adonises serving our cigars! Yes, we all know the stereotypical lady smoker; she starts out with a few CAO Flavors cigars and pairs it with her favourite Cosmopolitan recipe. Lady smokers are complex creatures smoking fragrant and sweet-smelling “cigars” while their she-smoker cousins have been creeping out from the dark shadows of the jungle seeking all that the cigar life has to offer and by doing so taking their rightful place among the brothers of the leaf.

Women cigar smokers are coming of age and that’s what the Cigar Kingdom’s “queen of cigars” blog is all about. These are the women who know how to smoke with the best of them while being fully comfortable in their female skin. Yes brothers, you can spot us with a trained eye. We are everything from the everyday working gal, the military or veteran sister, the married woman seen hanging out with her husband and friends, the professional dressed to the nines and any other shape, size and configuration you can imagine. So how do you know it’s a cigar afi”she”onado? Just check out the cigars!

Don’t be surprised to see those medium to full-bodied sticks in our hands. There’s nothing like a great glass of bourbon paired with an Espinosa 601 La Bomba Warhead or perhaps a Moscow Mule and a Liga Privada No 9. The combinations are endless and our palettes are maturing. We want to smoke with you, create with you and enjoy the immeasurable simplicity of all things good that cigar smoking brings to one’s life.

Will we sometimes have our “girlie” moments and revert back to that Cherry Bomb with the Cosmopolitan? Most likely, yes, after all we are girls! Just don’t let it fool you into a false sense of bravado. We are growing in number, we are your sisters of the leaf and we are here to stay!


2 thoughts on “Hello Cigar Kingdom!

  1. Very well written ma’am. As a man, I enjoy the company of a sister of the leaf while smoking my latest cigar of the day. The leaf has no boundaries and many great friendships have evolved over the plume of cigar smoke and a tasty beverage. Both male and female. Keep up the great work! I hope as a male, I am allowed to visit your blog and participate. Looking forward to it. Jim


    1. Jim,
      I am happy to have any and all cigar smokers, admirers, aficionados and afi”she”onados follow and participate in this blog. This is about sharing reviews, perspectives and having fun! That’s the cool thing about cigar smoking – it doesn’t matter the gender, race, culture or locale; we all have one thing in common – we LOVE our cigars!!


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