Cigar Review – BLTC Ginger

I am a lover of boutique cigars but I’ve learned through the years that they can sometimes be hit or miss. So when I saw the “Ginger” go up for sale on Cigar Federation I wasn’t sure where it would fall in the line of success, mediocre or fail.

Only 500 cigars were produced at Fabrica Oveja Negra in Esteli, Nicaragua. Only one vitola is available, the 5 x 52 Robusto. Not a lot of information is given other than the wrapper being a corojo. It is classified as a medium bodied smoke but no information is given on the filler and binder.

I opened the five pack (only way to buy them) and smelled the cigar. A slight floral aroma hit my nose immediately. The cigar has a smooth appearance and a bit of a reddish hue to the wrapper. I decided to use a punch and on the unlit draw I tasted the floral that I was smelling along with some mild cedar. Upon the first light the draw remained easy, but not sloppy. Sufficient smoke and immediate flavor was impressive.

The first third was flavorful with a mix of chocolate, floral essence, ginger and mild spice. As I went through I noticed a bit of white pepper in the background. It gave the cigar a little pep and kept it from being totally smooth. The second third remained the same but the chocolate fell to the background. The pepper remained light and the floral and ginger grew. The burn line remained perfect and the cigar felt good both in my fingers and my mouth. The last third brought out more of the cedar and the ginger came more to the forefront. I wasn’t ready to put the cigar down when I got to the end and nubbed it. The cigar required no touch ups throughout the smoke experience.

I was so impressed with this cigar that I went onto the Cigar Federation site and ordered another five pack while I was smoking. If I had the cash of a champagne drinker instead of beer I would’ve bought all the packs still left (15 at the time). I did a review on the CF website and gave this gem five stars. I would rate it at a 91 and definitely recommend it for anyone who wants something a little different. The Ginger is a success in my boutique cigar book.

I’m hopeful that BLTC will decide to produce a few more of these in the future. All in all a nice way to end my Monday evening Herf. Next time I’m going to pair it with a Shiner Ruby Red Ginger beer and see if it enhances the cigar or mutes it.

Until next time brothers and sisters – Stay smokey and blessed! I know I am!




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