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Las Vegas Bound!

Yes!  I am currently sitting in 90 plus temps with humidity aplenty!  Nope, not Vegas Baby, LOL.  I’m still in New Jersey but I’m only hours away from heading to Philadelphia International Airport to enjoy a roomy coach seat on a non-stop flight to the biggest event in the Cigar Industry!

I’ve never been to Vegas and honestly it was barely on my bucket list.  However, when you mix cigars in with a destination…..well…..that’s a different story.  Add to it, the opportunity to connect with new and old friends such as Eric (Master Sensei), Jordan (Sumatra Sensei), their entourage, Dojo friends and industry acquaintances; you have the perfect inspiration to go from 90 plus to 112 degree weather for a few days!  Yep, I’m all about the heat NOW!!!

Seriously though, even if you are like me and have no ability or standing that allows you into the actual IPCPR “secret garden” of cigars, it is a worthwhile trip to make.  I’m heading out with my bestie, Matt (a diehard cigarette smoker who dabbles in cigars…..I’m working on him, honest!!) and my service dog Gunnar.  I have no particular plans other than to explore, hang-out, attend the Dojo Bash on Monday night, 25 July and…..smoke, smoke, smoke, some cigars!

I’ll be collecting pictures along the way.  Plan on hearing from me again when I resurface back in New Jersey later this week.  Of course I will have to re-acclimate to boredom (which on a normal day is Good!) but I will be sharing the experience with you all and hoping that if I didn’t meet you in Vegas we will catch up perhaps next year!

Until next time, Stay Smokey and Be Blessed; I know I am!


~aka “Queen Of Cigars”

~aka “ArmyRN”

(Photo property of and courtesy of Cigar Dojo and Master Sensei)


Just Some Thoughts

It’s Sunday Funday and yet once again we find ourselves wrestling with more violence in America.  This has nothing to do with politics for me.  I don’t get into those discussions publicly and I don’t judge anyone involved in what’s going on.  But I am a concerned American and I am deeply disturbed by what we have been witnessing.  As more families are torn asunder from violence we all must search within ourselves for the solutions.  Real solutions, not the knee-jerk reactions of retaliation, crude remarks and more violence.  I don’t know what the answers are but I do know that between God and our Communities we can figure it out.  Please watch, think, grab a cigar and start a conversation with your friends, family, neighbors and anyone else who you come in contact with.  Life is too precious for these terrible tragedies to continue.  We can’t do much individually but if we all do something positive in our own little corner of the world we may be able to bring about collective change.  I pray for the families of the slain officers.  I pray for the families of those standing by at hospitals while their loved ones lives hang in the balance.  I pray for the families of the shooters as they struggle with the repercussions of such actions.  Finally, I pray for America where anything is possible……if we only believe.  God Bless each and every one of you and God Bless these United States of America.​  Until next time, “Stay Smokey and Be Blessed; I know I am!”  Diana ~aka Queen Of Cigars 

Cigar Review – Roma Craft & Dojo Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion

The much anticipated 6th Dojo collaborated cigar release was this past Thursday, 7 July!  Only 500 boxes of the newest cigar in the Dojo lineup was released and sold out in the blink of an eye.  My calendar is full of work appointments and meetings but I blocked out two hours on the 7th in order to make sure I was able to jump in on the ordering action.  Following the Dogma, Nunchucks, Sarsaparilla, Chinese Finger Trap and Throw Down comes the launch of the Roma Craft Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion. As in previous Dojo releases the participating store, this time Famous Smoke, got orders out at lightening speed.  My two boxes arrived yesterday and I had to fight the urge to jump right in.  Knowing that I was going to do a review I decided to wait until today, Sunday, in order to properly prepare myself.  

Sunday mornings are a sacred time for this spiritual diva and so I had a little bit of coffee and watched my Sunday Service on the Internet.  Instead of having coffee and cigar though, I politely waited with the feeling of a real blessing about to befall me with this new cigar.  I’m a true Roma Craft believer and even though I go into reviews very objectively, my gut instinct was telling me this was going to be a special experience.  I carefully brushed my teeth, drank some water and did my photog session while waiting for my palette to be pure and ready.  Funny, I felt like I was getting ready to go on a very special date!!

The cigar is a 5 x 50 Robusto vitola and at first glance looked like a well constructed and solid cigar.  Once out of the wrapper I liked the smooth feel of the wrapper.  It is a comfortable size and handles well.  The wrapper has the look of smooth suede.  A nice rich brown colour with no veins, just a slight velvety appearance that kept it from looking dull.  I was hoping for the flat head that I like so much on some of the other Roma Craft sticks and felt a twinge of disappointment but not enough to dwell on it. The round cap is large enough to allow a nice punch which it seems I am particular too right now.  There is a hint of a shaggy foot; not enough to call it that but enough to give a thin line of lighter colour in contrast to the body.

The cigar band(s) are reminiscent of the Throw Down and although not remarkable or stand-out to me it gets the message across. The back side of the label has the Dojo and Roma Craft logos which is a nice touch.  For my two cents worth, if more cigars are made in the future I might suggest that the bottom label be printed in red and black to put visual emphasis on “rebellion”.  However, the “flat” colours of these labels add to the suede and velvety look of the cigar overall so not to fret.

The smell was pleasant and unexpected when I held it to my nose.  There was a bit of the “hay” smell that I usually experience with many cigars but this had something different with it.  I was picking up a dried fruit scent that was intriguing.  The punch went through easily with no cracking and no softness. The cigars were shipped with Boveda packs in the well crafted Roma Craft wooden boxes which was a brilliant packaging insight.  The dry draw was comfortable and easy and once again I got the dried fruit flavour.  Once toasted and lit the cigar filled my mouth with an abundance of smoke that was very pleasant and flavourful.  The draw was smooth and I got a mouthful of rich smoke with sweet and sour cherry.  

First 3rd – I had a couple of brief instances of hints of white pepper but it was so vague that I really wasn’t sure it was there.  It was instantly “meaty” and rich and the balance of sour cherry gave me a slight tart note that worked well with the fruity sweetness and smokiness.  I was enjoying the smoke so much that I just wanted to hold it in my mouth for awhile before slowly letting it out.  I’m not a big retro hale fan but this cigar just egged me on to do it.  No burn, but a nice smooth and tasty experience.  I was reminded of a nice T-Bone steak that had been marinated in hickory wood, mesquite wood with sweet and sour cherry sauce.  There was a hint of natural salt also and the balance made me ecstatic.  

Second 3rd – As I’ve come to expect from Roma Craft the cigar was consistent.  Some of the sour cherry dropped off but the hickory and mesquite wood flavour remained.  I found myself sitting back and truly relaxing with each draw.  Construction remained solid and the burn was even and needed no touching up.  The ash was tight and didn’t fall until I was ready to tap it.  The gray was covered with a nice white that contrasted nicely with the suede looking wrapper. The cigar continues to feel good in my hand and the draw remains steady and easy.  This is a cigar that I would look to when I really need to take things down a notch in my stress filled life.

Last 3rd – I didn’t have to peel the labels off as I was able to slide them off the head of the cigar with no damage to the wrapper.  About now is when I realised the strength of the cigar.  It is a full stick that didn’t really hit me in the face but going into the last third I was feeling it’s strength.  The hickory and mesquite was reaching its high point with the fruitiness and sour cherry fading more but not enough to make them disappear entirely.  The cigar burned “warm” but never hot enough for me to get my skewer out in order to nub it; and that I did.

When I finally put it down I was already thinking about when I was going to light another one up.  I also had the urge to marinate and grill a steak!  I settled for a roast beef, provolone, tomato and onion sandwich that seemed a natural follow-up to this splendid cigar.

Dojo and Colin Flint (captmaduro) Cigar Ratings Tool

OVERALL – The Intemperence Whiskey Rebellion earned an overall score of 95 for looks, construction, strength, flavour and smokability.  

My love affair with Roma Craft continues and I am happy to say that this cigar quickly moved to the top of my list of Dojo inspired cigars.  Would it beat out the Dogma?  Not quite but only because of the sentimentality that I have with that cigar.  As far as everything else I would be in quite a predicament if someone held a gun to my head and told me to pick one to smoke.  I’d beg to get them both since they are very different but both excellent cigars.  But alas, I digress!  The Intemperence Whiskey Rebellion is truly an awesome smoking experience.  With only two boxes in my possession I can only hope that another batch will come forth from the heavens in the future!  Until then I will look forward to what age can do to an already spectacular cigar.  Kudos to Dojo, Michael Rosalies and Skip Martin of Roma Craft!

Until next time,

Stay Smokey and Be Blessed, I know I am!!


~aka “Queen Of Cigars”

~aka “ArmyRN”

~aka “Dee Cigar Aficionadess