Just Some Thoughts

It’s Sunday Funday and yet once again we find ourselves wrestling with more violence in America.  This has nothing to do with politics for me.  I don’t get into those discussions publicly and I don’t judge anyone involved in what’s going on.  But I am a concerned American and I am deeply disturbed by what we have been witnessing.  As more families are torn asunder from violence we all must search within ourselves for the solutions.  Real solutions, not the knee-jerk reactions of retaliation, crude remarks and more violence.  I don’t know what the answers are but I do know that between God and our Communities we can figure it out.  Please watch, think, grab a cigar and start a conversation with your friends, family, neighbors and anyone else who you come in contact with.  Life is too precious for these terrible tragedies to continue.  We can’t do much individually but if we all do something positive in our own little corner of the world we may be able to bring about collective change.  I pray for the families of the slain officers.  I pray for the families of those standing by at hospitals while their loved ones lives hang in the balance.  I pray for the families of the shooters as they struggle with the repercussions of such actions.  Finally, I pray for America where anything is possible……if we only believe.  God Bless each and every one of you and God Bless these United States of America.​  Until next time, “Stay Smokey and Be Blessed; I know I am!”  Diana ~aka Queen Of Cigars 


1 thought on “Just Some Thoughts

  1. Beautiful words. Prayer is such a powerful thing. I cannot speak for others but at least for me has lead me to “forgiveness” and “healing” when I needed it. That in turn has destroyed “hate” which causes so much pain. God Bless you Diana

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