Las Vegas Bound!

Yes!  I am currently sitting in 90 plus temps with humidity aplenty!  Nope, not Vegas Baby, LOL.  I’m still in New Jersey but I’m only hours away from heading to Philadelphia International Airport to enjoy a roomy coach seat on a non-stop flight to the biggest event in the Cigar Industry!

I’ve never been to Vegas and honestly it was barely on my bucket list.  However, when you mix cigars in with a destination…..well…..that’s a different story.  Add to it, the opportunity to connect with new and old friends such as Eric (Master Sensei), Jordan (Sumatra Sensei), their entourage, Dojo friends and industry acquaintances; you have the perfect inspiration to go from 90 plus to 112 degree weather for a few days!  Yep, I’m all about the heat NOW!!!

Seriously though, even if you are like me and have no ability or standing that allows you into the actual IPCPR “secret garden” of cigars, it is a worthwhile trip to make.  I’m heading out with my bestie, Matt (a diehard cigarette smoker who dabbles in cigars…..I’m working on him, honest!!) and my service dog Gunnar.  I have no particular plans other than to explore, hang-out, attend the Dojo Bash on Monday night, 25 July and…..smoke, smoke, smoke, some cigars!

I’ll be collecting pictures along the way.  Plan on hearing from me again when I resurface back in New Jersey later this week.  Of course I will have to re-acclimate to boredom (which on a normal day is Good!) but I will be sharing the experience with you all and hoping that if I didn’t meet you in Vegas we will catch up perhaps next year!

Until next time, Stay Smokey and Be Blessed; I know I am!


~aka “Queen Of Cigars”

~aka “ArmyRN”

(Photo property of and courtesy of Cigar Dojo and Master Sensei)


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