Cigar Review – Protocol Probable Cause


Today is Election Day and since I already voted a few weeks ago I figured what would be better than to do a cigar review on my day off from the office!  I’ve been sitting on this cigar since July and with a few months in the humi I figured it was time to give it a whirl.

Now if any of you have ever had the pleasure of meeting the Cubariqueno guys, Bill Ives and Juan Cancel, you just can’t help but believe this is going to be a great smoke.  They have got to be two of the funniest and most passionate BOTLs in the business.  Both have LEO backgrounds (law enforcement) and bring a special vibe to their company.  Pair that with the support of Erik Espinosa and La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua and you know this should be a good cigar!

I have to admit that my first experience with their premiere cigar , the Protocol, didn’t impress me, BUT, I was in Managua, Nicaragua and had just smoked a few too many cigars before I got to theirs, so it wasn’t a fair assessment.  I have yet to go back to it almost a year later but after smoking the Probable Cause you can bet I will have one on a clean palattee – gotta be fair and again, these guys make me want to believe in their brand!

So, after coffee, lunch, mouth rinsing and a little time, I set out on my Probable Cause adventure.

This dark and oily robusto (5 x 52) soft box press, was given to me via the Cigar Dojo Party in Las Vegas at IPCPR this past July.  It’s a good looking cigar and I think the box press adds a little class to it.  The feel in my fingers is smooth and comfortable at 52.

My sniff test doesn’t reveal much except a little bit of hay and some dry oak leaves.  I used a punch and got a comfortable dry draw.  The light was easy and produced a lot of billowy smoke on the first few puffs.  I was immediately introduced to leather and dark cocoa.


I’m a big fan of leather and so this cigar was immediately right up my alley.  I was just getting into the great leather and cocoa when I decided to retrohale.  I was pleasantly surprised to get a slight floral note mixed in and a faint hint of white pepper in the background.

As I got through the first third I continued to get the floral coming out more but never overwhelming the leather and cocoa flavours.  The ash was gray with a nice white shroud; holding together well until I decided to tap.


Going into the second third of the cigar the leather remains and the floral has faded but what was once cocoa now tastes like coffee.  In reality I don’t believe the cocoa went away but instead some coffee notes emerged on top of it.

The burn line was spectacular and had a thick black edge that I found very aesthetically pleasing in contrast to the wrapper and white ash.  I only touched up the cigar once and in actuality it wasn’t because it needed it but more because I’m anal retentive about a straight burn line.

The draw was consistent throughout the smoke and was easy but not sloppy.  This cigar is going to last you awhile so find a BOTL or SOTL to settle in with and enjoy the experience.

As I went into the last third of the cigar I once again began to get the floral flavour coming into the mix again.  There was a slight bitterness that crept in but not in a bad way.  It was reminiscent of the slight bitterness of dark chocolate and was not in the least bit unpleasant. Leather continued to shine through and never dissipated throughout the entire smoke.

The subtle strength of the cigar caught up to me in that last third.  It is a medium to full smoke but wields some power that sneaks up towards the end.  It was a solid one hour and 20 minute smoke which for a 5 inch cigar is pretty impressive.

I nubbed it and was very satisfied with the total experience.  I wanted more because of the flavour but was happy with the robusto size and ring gauge overall.  The wrapper remained intact throughout the smoke with no cracks or unraveling.

This cigar is a solid 91 rating for me.  So Juan and Bill, Yes, after this experience I am a believer!  I will definitely consider more of these for my humi.  For the numbers guys and gals I’ve included the Cigar Dojo Review Sheet to provide the breakdown for this delightful, full-flavoured, and good looking stick.

If you haven’t tried the Protocol Probable Cause then I would say this review is cause enough to do so!!

Until next time…….Stay Smokey and Be Blessed…….I know I am!


aka~Queen Of Cigars




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